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Why Financial Advisory Firms Should Empower Advisors with Platform Choice


Explore the practical benefits of platform choice for financial advisory firms. Learn how leveraging diverse digital channels enhances client engagement and empowers advisors.

In the digital age,  the options for advisor communication platforms have expanded exponentially, offering financial advisors an array of platforms to connect with clients and prospects. From traditional emails to social media giants like LinkedIn, and even instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, the landscape is rich with possibilities. However, despite the benefits these platforms offer, many financial advisory firms impose restrictions on their use, fearing compliance issues and data security concerns.

But what if I told you that allowing advisors to use the platforms they prefer not only enhances communication but can also remain compliant? Let’s jump into why financial advisory firms should embrace platform choice and empower advisor communication.

Advisor Mobile Communication Platforms

Enhancing Client Engagement

First and foremost, providing advisors with the freedom to choose their preferred communication platforms fosters stronger client relationships. Clients have their own preferences when it comes to communication, and by accommodating these preferences, advisors can better connect with them.

For instance, while some clients may prefer formal emails for discussing financial matters, others, such as next-generation clients, might find it more convenient and engaging to communicate via text message. By allowing advisors to use communication platforms where clients feel comfortable and are most likely to respond, ultimately leads to better client-advisor relationships.

Expanding Reach Through Social Media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn offer more than just communication—they provide a space for advisors to showcase their expertise and expand their reach. By sharing valuable content and engaging with industry peers and potential clients, advisors can bolster their online presence and attract new business opportunities.

However, many firms shy away from social media due to compliance concerns. Enter archiving tools like Presults. These solutions enable firms to archive communication across various platforms, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. With archiving in place, advisors can confidently leverage social media to amplify their voice without compromising compliance.

Advisor Communication Platforms

Real-Time Communication with Instant Messaging

In today’s fast-paced world, instant messaging has become a preferred mode of communication for many. Platforms like WhatsApp and text messaging offer immediacy and convenience, allowing advisors to address client inquiries promptly and efficiently.

It may also be important for advisors to not have to pick just one of these platforms, especially if they have clients from different generations. Older generations may prefer text messaging while younger generations may be more active on Whatsapp. While some firms may hesitate to embrace messaging platforms due to compliance worries, modern archiving tools like Presults alleviate these concerns.

Empowering Advisors with Choice

In a competitive industry like financial advising, offering a choice of digital platforms can be a strategic differentiator. Consider the scenario where an advisor’s client base is particularly active on LinkedIn. To effectively engage with and retain these clients, the advisor must have a robust LinkedIn strategy in place. However, if advisors are deprived of the autonomy to select their preferred digital platforms, they find themselves at a significant disadvantage. In such a scenario, where competitors are leveraging tailored digital solutions, advisors risk losing out on valuable prospects and even existing clients.

The ability to choose digital platforms equips advisors with the tools necessary to adapt and thrive in an environment where client preferences and industry trends evolve rapidly. It enables them to align their strategies with client demographics, stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately, solidify their position as trusted financial partners.


In an era defined by digital connectivity, financial advisory firms must adapt to the continuously evolving landscape of communication platforms or risk getting left behind. By embracing a variety of digital platforms and empowering advisors with choice, firms can enhance client engagement, expand their reach through social media, and facilitate better communication with prospects and clients. 

Moreover, with archiving solutions like Presults, compliance concerns no longer need to hinder the adoption of new communication channels. Instead, firms can leverage Presults to ensure regulatory compliance while allowing advisors the freedom to use the platforms that best suit their and their client’s needs.

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