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How to Unlock Growth with LinkedIn Messaging


Learn top tips on how financial advisors can utilize private LinkedIn messaging to attract and retain clients.

Are you looking for new ways to expand your client base and deepen relationships with prospects on LinkedIn? Private messaging on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for financial advisors to engage with potential clients, nurture leads, and ultimately grow their business. However, it can backfire if not done correctly.

Here are some ways to best utilize private LinkedIn messaging to your advantage:

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Personalize Your Approach

When reaching out to prospects via private message, take the time to personalize your message based on their profile and interests. Mention specific points of commonality or mutual connections to establish rapport and increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Provide Value

Instead of starting with a sales pitch, focus on providing value to your prospects in your initial message. Offer insights, resources, or helpful information related to their interests or pain points to demonstrate your expertise and build trust.

Ask Thoughtful Question

Engage prospects in meaningful conversations by asking thoughtful questions that encourage them to share their challenges, goals, and preferences. People love talking about themselves. Listen attentively to their responses and tailor your follow-up messages accordingly to address their specific needs.

Offer a Solution

Once you’ve identified a prospect’s needs or pain points, position your services as a solution to their problems. Clearly articulate how your expertise and offerings can help them achieve their financial goals and overcome any obstacles they may be facing. Consider giving them a teaser and gaining trust by providing them with a small piece of useful advice for free.

Build Relationships

Focus on building genuine relationships with your prospects through ongoing communication and engagement. Stay connected by regularly sharing relevant content, checking in with personalized messages, and offering support or assistance as needed.

Follow Up Strategically

Don’t let conversations fizzle out after the initial message exchange. Follow up with prospects at appropriate intervals to keep the dialogue going and move them closer to taking action.  Have they posted something interesting on LinkedIn recently? Instead of leaving a comment, consider sending them a private message to let them know your thoughts. Be persistent but respectful of their time and boundaries.

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Archive Your Messages for Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations by archiving your private LinkedIn messages. Use a dedicated archiving solution like Presults to capture and store your communications securely, providing a record of your interactions for compliance purposes.

LinkedIn messages are a great strategy for targeting your ideal client and building a relationship with them from the start. However, as a financial advisor, you are required to archive your communications so make sure you don’t spend time or resources on LinkedIn messaging efforts without a proper archiving solution in place. 


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