Spend 90% less time reviewing emails

Presults automated email monitoring is designed to help you spend less time on reviews, and more time with clients.

Monitoring and reviews

Brilliantly simple workflow

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, you'll be surprised by how much better the archiving experience can be.

Advanced search capabilities

Find information easily and accurately with our platform's advanced and intuitive search capabilities.

Automatic Email logging and updates

Our software automatically tracks and logs activity, eliminating the need for manual email review logging.

Free up time with software-enabled monitoring

Ensure non-compliant emails get stopped before they reach your clients, with real-time email monitoring for non-compliant keywords or terms.

Email monitoring financial advisors
Monitoring and reviews financial advisors

Find what you're looking for easily

Generate a sample of random emails to review, or use our search capabilities to narrow down your results. See only the content in threads that need to be reviewed.

The new standard in real-time compliance

Our monitoring tool will automatically spot areas of non-compliance and take corrective action to prevent costly violations with real-time surveillance, review, and analysis of client communication.

A whole new experience

"My experience with Presults has been excellent. I'm particularly impressed with their improved UI when it comes to reviewing emails."

Chesky D.

CSD Financial - Brooklyn, NY

Everything in one place

"Now, our emails, text messages, social posts, IM, everything is neatly displayed and easy to monitor for compliance."

Tom F.

PlanRite WM- Wichita, KS

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Your monitoring solution for an online world

Future-proof your financial advisory firm with a monitoring solution built for the digital era.

Security and privacy controls

All your data is securely stored and easily accessible for audits.

Save time on monitoring

Our proactive compliance solution saves you time and money.

Reduce manual work with automation

Archiving and monitoring automations, so you can get back to advising.

Switching from GlobalRelay, Erado, or Smarsh?

Compare us to other legacy platforms.