Secure mobile texting that's beyond words

Confidently text with your clients knowing that Presults is is constantly keeping you're communication compliant.

Modern compliance technology advisory firms

Get a dedicated business phone number

Leverage the Presults™ app for compliant text messaging using a dedicated phone number for everyone on your team.

Use with your existing SMS solution

Connect confidently with your clients on your preferred messaging platforms through integrations with the most popular tools

WhatsApp? Yes, we archive that too.

Archive everything in Whatsapp from messages and photos to polls, contacts, and attachments. Presults ensures that every aspect of your WhatsApp communications is securely preserved for compliance and convenience.

financial advisor messaging in whatsapp

Integrations with top mobile applications

Presults seamlessly integrates with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, and RingCentral, to offer archiving solutions no matter where you communicate.

Future-ready SMS compliance

Presults archiving solution is built for the digital age, boasting advanced capabilities to effortlessly meet the demands of complex archiving requirements.

Comprehensive and advanced archiving

Presults archives not only text messages but also images, polls, contacts, attachments, and more, providing a comprehensive record of all mobile interactions.

Your archiving solution for a digital word.

Future-proof your financial advisory firm with an archiving solution built for the digital era.

Who We Help

Presults is tailored for financial advisors who aspire to provide an excellent client experience without the fear of regulatory requirements and legal consequences. We automate compliance work so that advisors can focus on what they do best – offering impactful financial guidance to Americans. Our platform is perfectly suited for advisors aiming to establish themselves as frontrunners in the industry, and profoundly impact their clients' financial lives. If you're a financial advisor seeking to automate your firm’s compliance, get in touch.

At Presults, we are not just shaping the future of compliance; we are shaping the future of financial advisory excellence.