A complete data archiving solution built for the modern financial advisor

The Presults all-in-one compliance platform ensures your firm’s communication is held to the highest standard.

Ensure compliance

Keeping your communications compliant and audit-ready has never been easier.

Seamless workflow

Communicate with clients confidently on your preferred messaging platforms.

Dedicated support

Get help from our support team by email, or contact us by phone at 929-577-1450

Automatic retention for all your communication platforms

Keeping emails compliant and audit-ready has never been easier. Our solution automatically archives client communications for you, storing records in accordance with 17a-4 guidelines.

Archive everything for your RIA

Comply with industry regulations

Designed to capture and store all your data in accordance with SEC rule 17a-4 and other FINRA regulations.

Simplified user experience

Designed to address the unique needs of financial advisory firms, our commitment is to make your firm compliant and audit-ready.

Encrypted and secure

We adhere to the highest industry standards for data security, utilizing AWS hosting, and encrypting sensitive data.

Easy to deploy

Our onboarding process is simple and painless, with a dedicated team of experts to seamlessly connect all of your data.

Have an online presence without getting into hot water

Experience reliable social media and website archiving you can trust. Our solution archives social media activity, company webpages, and blogs to keep your business compliant.

Participant Programs and Partners:

A whole new experience

"My experience with Presults has been excellent. I'm particularly impressed with their improved UI when it comes to reviewing emails."

Chesky D.

CSD Financial - Brooklyn, NY

Everything in one place

"Now, our emails, text messages, social posts, IM, everything is neatly displayed and easy to monitor for compliance."

Tom F.

PlanRite WM- Wichita, KS

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