Advanced Automation for Your Firm's Growing Compliance Needs

Eliminate the inefficiencies of manual email searching and logging to free up your team to focus on driving business growth. Presult's cutting-edge automation technology eliminates 90% of email review work for RIAs and Broker-Dealers.

Elevate your firm's compliance with the keyword-based advantage

Presults goes beyond traditional compliance tools, offering the industry's first self-regulating system that proactively ensures responsible communication even before emails reach their recipient.

Our innovative platform automatically notifies advisors of potential issues, detecting non-compliant and negating keywords that are tailored to individual users. Enable your team to take corrective action and prevent costly violations with surveillance, review, and analysis of client communication in real-time.

Real compliance is
real-time compliance

Unlike after-the-fact compliance systems, Presults intelligently operates in the background monitoring activity and recording reviews following 17a-4 guidelines. This identifies potential issues as they occur and provides real-time evidence to satisfy auditors.

Empower your firm with immediate insights to optimize efficiency and stay ahead of compliance requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

Purpose-Built for Financial Advisors

We specialize exclusively in compliance within the financial advisory industry. Our solution is meticulously crafted to align with the specific laws and regulations set by the SEC and FINRA.

Continuous Product Innovation

We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and regulatory changes. We embrace innovation to ensure you are equipped with the most modern automation tools to future-proof your practice.

Human Support from Compliance Expert

We provide human onboarding and support to ensure that your firm meets regulatory requirements, mitigates risks, avoids penalties and sanctions, and protects your client's best interests.