Archiving and Compliance

The Benefits of Taking Proactive Compliance Measures


Proactive compliance is not just more cost-efficient for financial advisory firms, but it saves them hours and headaches down the road.

Financial advisory firms often fall into the trap of reactive archiving, waiting until after non-compliant issues surface before addressing them. This approach not only increases stress levels but also exposes the firm to compliance headaches and potential regulatory penalties. 

Proactive compliance at financial advisory firms, on the other hand, entails automating digital communication archiving and implementing real-time email monitoring to scan communications for non-compliant keywords or terms actively. By staying ahead of the curve, firms can identify and rectify potential compliance issues before they escalate into more significant problems. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why not taking proactive compliance measures will cost you: 


Early Detection of Compliance Risks

Proactive archiving allows firms to identify compliance risks in real-time, enabling them to intervene promptly and mitigate potential violations before they occur. By continuously monitoring communications, including emails, instant messages, and other forms of correspondence, firms can detect problematic language or behavior early on.

Presults can reduce the need for email compliance reviews by 90%. Presults also uses AI monitoring for non-compliant keywords or terms in real-time. By proactively monitoring client communications, firms can detect problematic language or behavior early on.

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Timely Intervention and Correction

With real-time monitoring in place, financial advisory firms can intervene promptly when non-compliant communication is detected. Whether it’s a client email containing sensitive information or an employee discussing prohibited topics, immediate action can be taken to address the issue, correct any misunderstandings, and prevent further compliance breaches.

An even better approach is to use technology, such as Presults, to monitor emails in real-time so that, employees can be notified about non-compliant terms before the email is even sent to the client. This helps to educate them on the reason for the non-compliance, thus mitigating the need for further intervention.

Enhanced Compliance Culture

By prioritizing proactive archiving, firms foster a culture of compliance where all team members are vigilant about adhering to regulatory requirements. When employees know that their communications are being monitored in real-time, they are more likely to exercise caution and ensure that their interactions comply with company policies and industry regulations. Additionally, monitoring solutions such as Presults,  educate employees on why an email communication did not meet compliance standards, resulting in a more educated and compliant workforce. 

Reduced Regulatory Exposure

By identifying and addressing compliance issues proactively, financial advisory firms can significantly reduce their regulatory exposure and mitigate the risk of fines, penalties, or legal action. By demonstrating a commitment to compliance through proactive monitoring and intervention, firms can enhance their reputation and build trust with clients and regulatory authorities.


Proactive compliance for your financial Advisory Firm

Operational Efficiency and Peace of Mind

Proactive archiving is a more efficient approach to compliance efforts as it reduces the administrative burden that comes with reactive approaches. Companies can take it a step further by automating the monitoring compliance measures and utilizing advanced analytics tools to prioritize value-added activities. This not only saves resources but also provides peace of mind.

Final Thoughts on Proactive Compliance

In summary, proactive archiving is essential for financial advisory firms that wish to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, mitigate compliance risks, and maintain their reputation for integrity and trustworthiness. By adopting proactive compliance processes and solutions, firms can foster a culture of compliance, reduce regulatory exposure, and ensure smoother operations and peace of mind.

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