Presults is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory​

Ready for intelligent, real-time compliance?

Archiving and Compliance that covers more and costs less

Besides pricing our compliance suite at a more cost-effective rate (about 50% less), we also save CCOs valuable time and money on the review process.

Compliant Email Archiving

The Presults™ Archiving solution caters to firms regulated by the SEC and FINRA to be compliant and audit-ready. We act as your designated third party and provide a letter of undertaking with the SEC and FINRA.

SMS and WhatsApp Archiving

Our easy-to-use messaging app and standalone WhatsApp archiver allows you to communicate on your favorite channels.

eDiscovery - Reviews and Logs

Cut down your time spent on documenting flagged and random reviews with our SmartPreview solution.

Web and Social Media Archiving

In addition to our core products, we also offer web and social media archiving, with flexible daily/weekly/monthly backups and full HTML capture.

Automated Compliance

Presults™ delivers a new approach to compliance that relies on responsible communication before the email reaches the recipient.

Employee Training

By alerting employees to in-the-moment compliance breaches, they develop awareness and increased responsibility.

PII Data Protection

Replace personal data with AI-generated values that feel and act like your real data, freeing you up to safely share and collaborate with sensitive information.

Tone Analyzer

Stay on top of the narrative and communication style between employees and clients.


"UX Wealth is excited to partner with Presults to bring email and social media archiving into the present era. We can now be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to email and social media compliance."

- Kyle Wiggs, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, UX Wealth

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