How it works

Explore what makes our technology different

The Presults™ solution to smarter regulatory compliance in 3 simple steps:


All emails sent from your company pass through the Presults™ intelligent gateway, where we check the contents of the email for potential compliance breaches.


If we detect an issue in an outgoing email, we prompt the sender to review the email. We offer quick and flexible remediation options to allow the email to continue on its way.

Logs and Reviews

All triggered emails are saved for quick reviews, and all outbound and inbound emails are saved in WORM format in accordance with regulatory rules.

AI-driven compliance is the new way

How Presults™ stacks up against other companies:

Other archiving solutions:

Automated SEC and FINRA compliance detection

Presults™ delivers a new approach to compliance that relies more on responsible communication than on reviews. The Presults™ platform is designed to help employees be more aware of possible breaches, and to reduce the burden on CCO's and auditors by utilizing our AI-powered risk models alongside regulatory-inspired detection.

Gain peace of mind with Presults as your designated third party:

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