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Using Content Marketing to Attract New Clients

Content marketing uses short-form and long-form articles, newsletters, videos, charts, graphs and other information to engage an audience with the goal of landing them as a client. By providing useful and interesting content, you can build trust with your audience and demonstrate your potential value as a financial advisor.

Why is content important? Having strong content on your website helps you to rank better on search engines. So when potential clients search for “financial advisor in [state]” or “financial advisors that specialize in estate planning,” your firm’s website can show up at the top of search rankings. Content also helps you stay engaged with your existing and potential clients.

Getting Started with Content Marketing. The possibilities within content marketing are vast! An easy place to start is with topics that are of interest to you. Your interest and excitement will translate to your audience. You should also pick a medium that you are comfortable with and can consistently produce. If you aren’t a strong writer, but enjoy being in front of a camera, a weekly short video series will be easier (and more enjoyable) for you to make than a weekly newsletter. If you like charts and graphs, you could create your own, or dissect and discuss  interesting data that you find online. The most important things are to share content that you actually care about and to do it consistently. You can also leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to generate content ideas, outlines and first drafts of your content to help save you time.

Archive. Keep in mind that as a financial advisor your marketing is subject to the SEC’s New Marketing Rule (the Division of Examinations even released a Risk Alert on this last Fall!) and recordkeeping regulations. Be sure that you are keeping records of all of your marketing communications with your clients, including emails (like newsletters), texts, articles posted to your website and social media posts.

Contributor – Anne Harris, Head of Marketing, Presults

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