Presults allows you to stay ahead by staying secure.

Presults safeguards your firm's sensitive data, enforces compliance, and fosters a culture of security in the in the digital era.

Encrypted communication for complete and total confidentiality

Maintain trust with clients by communicating securely with Presults' encrypted emails. This feature not only ensures the confidentiality of client communication but also aligns seamlessly with stringent compliance standards, fortifying your client interactions.

Keep PII safe and secure in a digital world

In a world where safeguarding PII data is critical, Presults offers a modern solution. Replace personal data with AI-generated values that mimic actual data, providing the flexibilty to share and collaborate on sensitive information securely.

Instil compliance in every single employee

Prevent compliance breaches with real-time notifications. This proactive approach curtails compliance risks and cultivates a culture of responsibility, ensuring every employee follows best practices.

Why Presults

Elevate your security strategy by ensuring compliance, fostering employee responsibility, and maintaining the utmost confidentiality in your client communications.

Preserved data integrity

Presults safeguards the integrity of your data, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and maintaining the confidentiality of client information.

Ironclad security features

Presults ensures automated compliance with industry regulations, providing a robust framework for cybersecurity and risk management.

Intelligently Encrypted Communication

Enjoy peace of mind with encrypted client communication, ensuring confidentiality while adhering to compliance standards.

Switching from GlobalRelay, Erado, or Smarsh?

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Who We Help

Presults is tailored for financial advisors who aspire to provide an excellent client experience without the fear of regulatory requirements and legal consequences. We automate compliance work so that advisors can focus on what they do best – offering impactful financial guidance to Americans. Our platform is perfectly suited for advisors aiming to establish themselves as frontrunners in the industry, and profoundly impact their clients' financial lives. If you're a financial advisor seeking to automate your firm’s compliance, get in touch.

At Presults, we are not just shaping the future of compliance; we are shaping the future of financial advisory excellence.